DDS Function Generator JDS-6600

Dual channel direct digital synthesis base oscillator. 2.4” Color TFT display. Large variety of waveforms. Counter function. Aritary waveform editing function. Precise stable, low distortion output. Storage feature. USB interface.

15MHZ Digital Control Dual-channel DDS Function Signal Generator/frequency meter

2.4” Color TFT display
Precise stable, low distortion output
Dual channel output
Storage Feature
Counter function
USB Insterface
Aritary waveform editing function


This is a dual-channel high precision multifunctional signal generator. It adopts large scale of FPGA integrated circuits, high-speed MCU microprocessor and high precision oscillator, which make the signals highly stable. It contains two independent dual-channel DDS signal and TTL level output and is capable of generating sine/triangle/square/sawtooth/pulse wave, white noise, etc. This is a multifunction instrument capable of generating signal, scanning waveform and measuring various electrical parameters. With frequency range of upto 15MHz, it has built-in functions including amplitude modulation and frequency sweep function etc.
Output signal amplitude and frequency are continuously displayed. It’s a great testing/ measuring instrument for electronics engineers, electronic laboratory, teaching and research.



Frequency Characteristics
Sine frequency range : 15MHz
Square/Triangle frequency range : 15MHz
Pulse frequency range : 6MHz
Square rise time : 25nS

Waveform Characteristics
Waveform : Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse), Partial Sine, DC level, Half-wave,
Full-Wave, Positive Ramp, Negative Ramp, and many other user defined waveforms
Waveform length : 2048 points
Waveform sampling rate : 266 MSamples/s
Waveform vertical resolution : 14 bits

External Measurement Function
Frequency meter function : 1Hz-100MHz
Counter function : 0-4294967295 counts
Input signal voltage range : 2Vpp-20Vpp
Pulse width measurement : 0.01us (resolution),
Period measurement : 20s (max measuring time)

General technical parameters
Display : 2.4 inch TFT color LCD
Interface : USB to serial interface
Communication speed : 115200bps
Communication protocol : Command-line mode, Open protocol
Power supply voltage : 5V±0.5V DC
Manufacturing process : Surface-mount technology, FPGA design, high reliability, long service life

Environmental conditions
Temperature : 0-40C, Humidity:<80%




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