PID Controlled Oven PID-TZ-CT

Small ovens are frequently used in class room experiments for the determination o f temperature coefficients of resistances, capacitance, zener diodes, and also for studying the leakage currents of semiconductor devices at various temperatures. Conventional arrangement with oven fed from an auto transformer and thermometer type t e m p e r a t u r e m e a s u r e m e n t i s unsatisfactory due to the long time it takes the oven to heat or cool, large time constant of mercury thermometers and difficulty in setting and maintaining a particular temperature.


The unit is a high quality PID controller wherein the temperatures can be set and controlled easily. The P, I and D parameters are factory set for immediate use however the user may adjust these for specic applications as well as auto-tune the oven whenever required. The steps for these are given in the user manual. The controller can be used for both small oven, up to 200°C or a larger oven up to 600°C. The controller uses thermocouple as temperature sensor.

Specifications Of The Oven Controller
The controller is designed around Autonics Temperature Controller Model TZN4S. Although this is a very versatile piece of equipment, below is a summary of the specifications that are relevant to the present application.

Temperature Range : Ambient to 600°C
Power Supply : 00-240VAC; 50/60Hz
Display Method : 7 Segment LED display [Process value
(PV):Red, Set value (SV):Green]
Input Sensor : Thermocouple (Chromel – Alumel)
Control Method : PID, PIDF, PIDS
Display Accuracy : ±0.3%
Setting Type : Setting by front push bottons
Proportional Band (P) : 0 to 100.0%
Integral Time (I) : 0 to 3600 Sec
Derivative Time (D) : 0 to 3600 Sec
Control Time (T) : 1 to 120 Sec
Sampling Time : 0.5 Sec
Setting (P, I & D) : Manual / Auto-tuned




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