Study of an Integrated Circuits Regulators 723-1

• Study of 723, working as a voltage regulator
• Study of 723, working as a current regulator


The 723 is a monolithic precision voltage regulator constructed on a single silicon chip. The device consists of a temperature compensated reference, error amplifier, power series pass transistor and current limit circuitry. Some of its important features adjustable output voltage from 2 to 37V, of either polarity, 0.01% line and 0.03% load regulation, output current upto 150mA without external pass transistor make it a general purpose IC for voltage or current regulation.
The experimental set-up consists of an IC 723 with facilities for convenient connections, an unregulated power supply, voltmeter, an ammeter and all the other components – resistances, potentiometers, variable load etc. required to perform the experiments.
The set-up is complete in all respect including patch cords.




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