Travelling Microscope TVM-02

The bed is of a heavy casting, thoroughly aged and machined, is fitted with leveling screws. On the dovetail guide ways slides the horizontal carriage which can be clamped at any position by means of a thumbscrew. A second sliding carriage slides along a gunmetal vertical pillar fitted on the horizontal carriage. The slow motion guide bars are made of sturdy material and the motion is very smooth. For reading convenience, screw gauge arrangement is provided with a large dial.



Microscope Tube
inclinable in any angle. True vertical and horizontal positions marked focusing.

Guide Ways
The guide ways over which slides the carriage is made of gunmetal and this makes the instrument Rust Proof, because this is the part which is directly exposed to the weather.

Scale and Verniers
Made of lifetime Stainless Steel.
(i) True achromatic objective with 7.5 cm. focussing distance from object
(ii) 10X Ramsden Eyepiece with fine cross wire

Scale and Verniers
(i) Horizontal scale : 18cm divided at 1mm interval
(ii) Vertical scale : 16cm divided at 1mm interval
(iii) Screw gauge dial : 100 divisions with a least count of 0.01mm


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